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How Romney Can Up His Game – Putting the Puzzle Together

How Romney Can Up His Game

By: Ben Sailors


Romney fans are rabid. I know, because I am one, but just as there are certain degrees of political leanings, there are certain degrees of Romney support. Some support him to the point of admitting no flaws, as if the man were perfect. I feel he has room for improvement, which I would venture to say, so does Mitt Romney. I don’t think he accomplished what he has in his life by saying “good enough” or “close enough”. My argument rests around the idea that Mitt can articulate his vision for America in better words than he has.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to read Mitt Romney’s economic plan, he lays out a fantastic representation of his vision for the country. He explains how all the changes he wants to make will simultaneously work together to repair our economy, strengthen our military, and solidify America has the leader of the free world. This goal is met in a few ways.

First, Mitt Romney wants to open more trade agreements with other countries. At the time of writing, Obama had yet to get the trade agreements negotiated and approved under Bush signed. Obama has since done that, but hasn’t opened any new trade agreements with other nations to help fuel our economy. This first step is critical, because it allows our companies in the US to get most customers, more access to raw goods, and access to other countries to build and develop in. This all is a net gain for America. Money is money, regardless of where it is made. The trouble then becomes our tax system.

Mitt Romney proposes to decrease our corporate tax rate to something far more competitive. Right now we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world at 35%. Canada just lowered theirs to 15%. Mitt Romney recently endorsed the Ryan plan which reduces corporate tax rates to 25%. His own plan also lowers the corporate tax rate to 25%. The trouble is that with our complex tax system, there are too many loopholes for the businesses and the rich to escape taxes. Unfortunately, if we eliminate the loopholes, but don’t lower the rates, we’re stealing the rich and business owners blind for the benefit of Americans who contribute nothing. That isn’t to sound cold and unfeeling, but there are millions of Americans who work for these companies who are dependent on them for their income. A job is not a form of independence. It’s a form of dependence on that company for the income. Businesses are dependent on their customers, Americans and other citizens of the world for their income. Let’s be honest, if America’s policies eat into a business’ profits, and they can go elsewhere, why wouldn’t they? The purpose of business is to create wealth for those who create them. Jobs are certainly a byproduct, but the main purpose is to generate revenue, not pay for Medicare and other government programs. Mitt Romney understands all this and wants to lower the tax rate, attract businesses to the US, create jobs, and help get people back on their feet.

I know that some people by this point will be thinking, what’s it all for then, if a job isn’t true independence? What does it mean for the millions of Americans who are employees? We can’t all be entrepreneurs! How do I hold on to the money that I make? Mitt Romney understands this as well. He allows investors and regular citizens, under his plan, to save and invest tax free up to $200,000 dollars. He wants Americans to invest and save. He wants them to prepare for the future. He wants them to have security. When more American families are secure, they’re more likely to take that step of entrepreneurship, or the true freedom of participating in the free market. He wants people to have the opportunity to join the ranks of the wealthy, not just the ranks of the middle class. There is a false rumor that Democrats love to spread around that there’s only a finite amount of wealth and the 1% are hoarding it. The fact of the matter is, in a global economy, there is so much more money than what’s just in America. And given the right idea, incentive, drive; those 1% will gladly invest in someone who they feel will make them more money. There is ALWAYS more money. What there isn’t enough of is the drive, ambition, and courage to go get it. Mitt Romney wants people to have the opportunity to have their own wealth and future secured in a way that a regular job as an employee could never accomplish.

The point of this tirade is to show how Mitt Romney can take all of what I just said, condense it down, and saying something like: “I want Americans to have the opportunity to grow and thrive in this country. I want them to feel the joy and dignity of being able to provide for themselves again. My plan will open up new trade agreements and lower the corporate tax rate so they can compete across the world. I want to make sure they can keep more of the money they make by eliminating taxes on capital gains and interest. I want the American people to have their money in their pockets, so they can have a life that they’ve always dreamed of.”

Sure it’s really close to what he already says. I just want him to show how his policies are all friendly to one another. How they coalesce to make a stronger, safer, easier, more powerful system that not only boosts our military, but also boots our economy and our citizen’s wealth. Knowledge is power and I think the more than regular Americans hear how the system works, the more they’ll buy into Mitt’s plan.

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