Why I Chose Romney Over Gingrich

I want to be honest with people.

I want them to understand why I won’t support Gingrich.

Candidates ask, are you better off than you were four years ago?

Actually yes, I am.

I met a wonderful woman, I started going back to school, assisted by Pell grants and state grants. I firmly believe that educational grants are an excellent starting place for many who think that their fates are determined in America. I think too many people don’t realize that there is a government grant to help kids get a college degree. They should pursue them vigorously. Obama actually increased the amount for Pell grants, for which I’m grateful. So am I better off under Obama than before? Yes.

That said, I believe in the free markets. I believe in free enterprise. I believe that there is a critical balance between Republican thought and Democrat thought. There IS a happy balance. The nation was founded on compromise and synergistic solutions. It was founded on people of radically different views coming together to try and form a system that worked. I think America has gone too far to both extremes and it’s led to a deterioration of compromise, synergy and even just communication within the government.

I don’t want a radical Leftist in power. I also don’t want a “true” conservative. I like moderation. I like someone who realizes that both sides have valid points and both sides need to be heard. I believe Mitt Romney can do that. I believe that Mitt Romney has shown in MA, that no only can he work with a Democratic legislature, he can work well with them. I think Mitt would be a far better solution to our situation than Gingrich.

Mr. Gingrich ,(he’s not Speaker anymore), was thrown out after 20 years in Congress by his peers. It wasn’t his radical thought, it wasn’t his ideas. He was thrown out because he was pompous, arrogant, detrimental to the party and not fulfilling his responsibilities. Gingrich’s job was to be a mouthpiece, not the President of the House of Representatives. It sounds like a Colbert line, I know, but I think Mr. Gingrich’s ego was enormously inflated and hurt the Republican party. I won’t bash his record in Congress. He did get many things done, but we’re talking about the President of the United States and I don’t think that he’s very well suited for it.

Mr. Romney on the other hand has executive experience in several roles. He’s led several private entities that aren’t specifically his, like Gingrich’s media companies. He’s helped grow companies from the ground up numerous times. He’s done this very effectively and honestly. He’s lived within his means, he raised a family in this environment, and now he has 5 sons, 16 grandkids, and a large 250 million dollar fortune to show for it. But that’s not where Mr. Romney’s impressive record stops.

He was asked to save the Olympics. The Olympics were scandal ridden. Money was being given away and the Games were almost broke. Mitt Romney went in to the Olympics, right after 9 11 and turned it into a huge success not just for the US, which saved us a great deal of embarrassment, but for the world as well. The Olympics came away 100 million richer thanks to Mitt Romney. He was so impressive in the Games that two states wanted him to be their governor: UT and MA.

And so Mitt Romney became MA’s governor. While governor, he turned a 600 million dollar shortfall in the MA budget into a 2 billion dollar rainy day fund in 4 years. He also balanced the budget all four of those years. I think our government greatly needs to balance our budget. I think Mr. Romney is the person to do it. He’s done it in business, the Olympics, and a state government. Why not the Federal Government?

Most of all why I vote for Mitt Romney is this: I’ve watched candidates. I’ve looked at their values, their records, their behavior and their lives. Never have I had such a great amount of respect for a candidate. Usually I’m picking between two evils. In the case of Mitt Romney, I feel that we’d be privileged to have him as our President. I often think of the level of sacrifice he would have to give to be our President. To give up many liberties that he knows as a multi-millionaire with a fantastic family and grandkids. He would have to step away for all that for 4 years. I often wonder if he’d be better off not running, for his sake. But Mitt Romney isn’t about his sake. He’s about Americans’. He wants to serve. He wants to help this nation. And it’s not about personal taxes, gaffes, etc. It’s about what’s best for America.

That’s why I support Mitt Romney. I hope you will too.


Why Newt Can’t Beat Romney or Obama.

It’s very simple, and frankly, quite obvious.

Newt’s recent surge in the polls, mostly in SC, is entirely dependent on Newt’s ability to out debate Romney. Let’s get real clear on one thing though, debates may win the primary, at least up to this point, but they won’t in the long run, and here’s why:

Gingrich’s power comes from his ability to demean and  reverse words on his moderators and fellow candidates. If you remove that ability for Newt to attack his chief rival without looking Petty and off topic, Newt loses his biggest campaigning tool. Newt does not have money. He doesn’t have organization. If Romney doesn’t go to the debates and goes hardcore grassroots campaign, he’s under Gingrich’s radar and people will be just watching Gingrich, Paul and Santorum.

The same applies to Gingrich in the national general election. Obama has little to gain as a front runner in debating Gingrich. Sure, Gingrich may smoke him, but he can’t out raise him, and he can’t out campaign him. Newt’s strength is his downfall. Newt may well win SC, but expect both the Romney campaign and the Obama campaign to minimize any opportunity for Mr. Gingrich to open his mouth in a debate format on national television.

There is a slight caveat to this though: If Romney wins SC, this strategy works. If he doesn’t he has to debate in Florida, because he has to win back his front runner status. “Newtmentum” is dying out, and I doubt it will continue. Newt isn’t a powerhouse candidate. He’s a powerhouse debater. If Romney must debate, expect him to name drop Santorum and Paul a lot, pushing time away from the Speaker to minimize his debate prowess as much as possible.

Newt can’t win in the long term. He’s too dependent on the debate.

Jan. 19 2012 CNN Debate Analysis

Here’s my opinion on the fall out of the Jan. 19th CNN Debate:

Newt was immediately set up for a home run hit. You can’t ask Gingrich a question he expects well in advance and expect him to flinch. He was ready, the anger calculated. He just let it rip. It’s like knowing the pitcher is going to throw a fastball before you even get up to the plate and where he’s going to put it. Gingrich knocked it out of the park. That said, it just deflected the personal attack agenda that every candidate on stage was ready to engage in if Gingrich wasn’t as proficient as he was in deflecting it.

Romney adapted instantly and just side stepped the issue with a nice: “Let’s get to the real issues.” This comment in and of itself protected Romney from the wrath of Gingrich for the rest of the debate. Gingrich was very gracious to allow Romney the wiggle room he needed to get out of the hard questions that he faces rather than slamming down on him like he could have. Lest there be any allusions, Gingrich is the superior debater. And in his closing remarks he made the race with Obama about who can debate the best. Gingrich was definitely play on, and using his strengths to get affirmation from the crowd.

Let’s get more into it.

Romney was a little slow on the answering of his tax issues, but largely, I think he effectively placed the attack in the “Non-issue” category, which was effective enough. He says he’ll release them and he’ll decide how many years to release. Considering he got boo’s on this, let me suggest that most candidates only release ONE year. C, though I had to give it to him.

As far as immigration went Romney was pretty cool on it. Romney did a great job of patiently explaining the nuances of the situations that Rick Santorum failed to grasp. Rick made some great attack remarks tonight, but they just didn’t hit and also were deflected calmly and with composure. Round to Romney, but Rick looked strong. Santorum also looked strong attacking Gingrich about his time in Congress with inside information that he knew. I think that definitely will weaken resolve that Gingrich is the right answer. This was played up by Romney saying that he spent most of his career in Congress while Mitt spent most of his life making a living for himself. Romney successfully defended that he worked himself  up to wealth, and Gingrich didn’t challenge him on that either. Round to Romney.

I don’t think Gingrich ever straight up won a round against Romney. Romney was certainly the most attacked, but I think the punches were issues people had already made up their mind about. The tax issue isn’t a big issue for most of the voting class.

In summary: I think Romney stopped the bleeding and showed he can stand up just fine to attacks from Gingrich and Santorum. Paul was pretty much a non factor.

I think, in grades it was:

A  – Gingrich

A- – Romney (Just for fumbling a little on the tax question.)

A – Ron Paul.

B+ Santorum (He’s still too whiny and combative.)

But let’s look at this, I gave A’s to Gingrich and Paul. An A- to Romney and a B+ to Santorum. That was on their debate performance, but let’s look at how it may transfer to votes.

I think Gingrich is going to lose more votes tonight than gain any. Staunch supporters will still do so, and some of his new found ones. Perry’s endorsement is not completely hollow, but I think Romney reaffirmed that he can hang with the good old boy and thus will get some of his voters back. Romney’s weakness in the last debate put people off, but I think he’ll win a couple percent back tonight. Paul will be Paul and I think Santorum will be the big loser here, votes going from Santorum to Romney and maybe Gingrich.

All that said, there’s a very real and clear chance that Gingrich could be the winner of SC. I think Romney shored up his position well enough to protect his image going into Florida, but skipping debates most likely will do nothing but hurt him if he doesn’t go. There is the small possibility that the debates will get very petty without Romney there to temper it, but we’ll see.

My hope: Romney wins SC.

Reality: Gingrich is leading and tonight probably did little to change that.

O Captain, My Captain – What Romney I’m Looking For

I’ve been a strong Romney supporter since 2008. I think he’s a wonderful man, has a great family, has a great set of morals and ambitions and really shows America how to be American.


I have to say this: Romney MUST  up his game in this debate tonight. If he doesn’t it’s all over for South Carolina.

On Monday night’s debate, Romney did what he always does, survives. The trouble is Gingrich was phenomenal. I don’t like Gingrich, I’m not going to go on about what a piece of trash he is. I already talked about that in my last post. But let’s get one thing clear: Gingrich is a better debater than Romney thus far. If Romney wants to win this nomination, he has to up his game.

I recently watched a video of Romney with fire in his eyes, passion in his voice when debating Kennedy for the Senator position in MA. He was passionate, he was angry, he wanted change. He has to get that fire back. He has to show the people of South Carolina what this election is about: The direction and soul of America, and that deserves more than the mediocre and uninspiring performance he gave on Monday night. Every candidate was more fired up than he was. Every candidate overshadowed him with audience reaction and connection between the candidate and the audience. Gingrich excelled at that in a big way. Romney must land a hit or effectively brush Gingrich to the side and take command of the debate. He has to project the strong leader that America wants. Right now Romney looks like he would be a president who would sit back and let the other countries duke it out until he was asked a question then recite talking points.

I know Romney’s better than that. He’s MORE than that. He deserves to get a little unhinged at the ridiculousness of Newt Gingrich. He needs fire in his eyes, in his words, and in his body language. SHOW us you want to be our leader. Don’t beg for us to come to you, MAKE us come to you. Don’t talk to us, INSPIRE us! Make us know you are our Captain and we will follow you into the depths of hell to get Obama out of office. But if Romney fails to do that, we go to FL with huge momentum for Newt and it’s just going to get harder.

Show us you’re ready to lead Mitt. I’m waiting for you, O Captain, my Captain.

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Gingrich’s War on Romney


I want to get something out loud and clear:

Gingrich has declared and is in active war with Romney.

Let’s get another thing clear though. Any glove that Gingrich has landed is on a non issue or a petty issue.

For example:

  • Tax Returns. Who cares what Mr. Romney makes? He’s operating legally under the law. If you don’t like it, get rich, or change the law. I advise getting rich.
  • Bain Capital – Biggest backlash and backfire ever. Gingrich looks like a fool for attacking the fundamental driving force of what made America great.
  • Promising a positive campaign, then going back on it. Twice.

Let’s give more examples of how Gingrich has failed:

  • Sat down with Nancy Pelosi on global warming.
  • Says he “worked with Reagan.” He was in Congress, but he never worked directly with Reagan. He’s lying.
  • Takes credit for balancing the budget while Clinton was in office. Clinton is actually the one who proposed the balanced budget.
  • Has cheated on two of his wives. First lady Callista, the adultress?
  • Was fined 300,000 dollars for ethics violations by Congress.
  • Forced out of the Speakership.
  • Took 1.6 million for consulting for Freddy Mac.

The list goes on and on. Romney doesn’t go attacking his opponents across the media and in debates. Gingrich wages all out war.

Some may perceive that war to be a strength, but let me ask you, do you really think that people would get behind Gingrich? They might like his rhetoric, but he’s a walking bomb ready to go off at any time. He’s lost his moral compass. He cheats on his wives, he gets fined for ethics violations, he received 1.6 million for being a consultant at Freddy Mac. Tell me how that worked out. Was that advice good? Freddy should be suing for bad advice.

Sure, Gingrich is eloquent. Sure Romney has a lot of money. But let’s look at that closer.

Romney says he didn’t get very much for his speaking and apperances. It was around $350,000 dollars. Now let’s ask the real questions.

Was money used for the campaign or pocketed? If it was campaign money, it’s not very much. He raises $1.5 million in a day during fundraisers. My guess is that it went to his campaign, not his pocket. But because it was in the context of his tax returns, lets assume it’s pocketed. Again, who cares? Part of it get’s taxed and that helps the American people. Even at 15%, that’s over $35,000 dollars going to other people. That’s more than some people make in a year. Why are we begrudging Romney of his contributions to society? Why are we making him out to be the bad guy when he’s donated the proceeds of his book to charity? Why are we saying “Shame on you!” for him living the American Dream? If it were a regular American making the money, I would surmise most people would pocket it just fine. To Governor Romney, 300k isn’t a lot because he’s worked hard to accumulate wealth. He’s done more, taken more risks, than most people and he’s been rewarded for it. It’s not his job to go out and work for you. It’s YOUR job to go out and make a living.

If you think Mitt Romney is disconnected, my guess is you might as well become a liberal, because you have no shame asking for handouts. You think the rich owe you a living. I feel sorry for you. The level of hopelessness and weakness you must feel in your life must be tragic. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your destiny is in your hands. You’re the captain of your life. Just like Romney was the captain of his. Keep this in mind. Romney wants to serve this country as president. Do you think he would be broken hearted to go home to his beautiful wife, kids, and grandkids with all the money he could want? He’s going to Washington to help America. Not appeal to their over inflated self righteousness or ego.

What are Santorum’s motivations to be president? Gingrich’s?

In the case of Santorum, I think it’s to make himself feel important. Same with Gingrich. I think Gingrich needs to validate himself to feel good about himself. He’s been in such denial that it’s pretty obvious.

But Romney is running because he’s lived the American Dream. He wants to help America. He wants to promote business, growth, opportunity, and to make us the hope of the earth. This IS a battle for the soul of America. Gingrich and Romney couldn’t be more different. I would argue Gingrich’s motivations are not to help America. He never talks about helping America. He accuses, complains, attacks, puffs himself up, but I don’t believe for a second that he’s trying to make America better. He’s trying to gain power, soak it all in, retire, and bask in his glory and write memoirs. He doesn’t care about America and what we need. Romney does.

Romney lived in a $75 dollar basement apartment with his wife and first son while attending BYU. He knows what it’s like to have next to nothing. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t know that. Romney was a bishop and a stake president for the LDS church. If you knew the sacrifices and level of service that took, you’d understand Romney’s desire to serve America better. He’s a good man trying to make positive change in this world.

I’m voting Romney. I won’t support Gingrich. I think Obama is a better man. I think Obama cares what happens to America. Gingrich is slime. All he cares about is self gratification, self indulgence, and self pride.

Want proof?

Ask his wives.

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It’s Time To Take America Back

Take a good look at our budget.

What I find truly disturbing about this coming election is not who the Republican nominee is going to be. My gut, the polls, trends, and likely scenarios point to Mitt Romney, but whoever the president is matters very little when the voice of the people are calling for the government to save them from the aftermath of the 2008-2009 recession.

We are turning into a welfare state. We spend as much on pensions as we do on defense. We spend more than each of those individually on health care. As Republicans we decry spending money on the Department of Education, but it’s only 3% of our federal budget! See http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/budget_pie_gs.php

Education is one of the sources of jobs in this country and we aren’t going to get out of our economic and political downturns if our rising generation is not getting the appropriate education that they need to compete on a global scale.

I don’t think that Republicans need to be worried about which Republican candidate is the nominee as much as we need to be focusing on getting the right people into Congress. It’s important to note that Democrats can have Republican ideals on certain issues. When we insist on a Senator or a House representative that is staunchly left or right, and completely uncompromsing, what do you suppose the outcome will be?


By holding on to our values and positions so staunchly that we lose sight of the ability to compromise, we lose sight of the very thing that allowed the Founding Fathers their ability to negotiate, to compromise, and to ultimately draft the documents like the Constitution that we hold so sacred and dear in this country.

Our Federal debt is out of control, some of our public schools can’t even stay in session for a full school day, they have to let the teachers out at 1:30, regulatory burdens and high taxes push companies away from our shores.

Our government’s job is to look out for the ultimate welfare of our nation as a whole. It’s not to coddle us every step of the way. Education is the one place where I make an exception, because without it, millions of our citizens would be illiterate, unable to find good employment, would drive the crime rate up, and would lower our competitiveness in the world.

It’s simply not enough to put Mitt Romney in the presidency and expect all to be well. We must put the right men in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. We have to make sure that we put in the people who will give our country the fighting chance that it deserves rather than keep hoping that someday people in Washington will get it right.

The Founding Fathers gave the decisions of who to put into office into the hands of the public. It’s the public’s job to be informed, to know what solution they want, and to vote the people into office to get it done and get it done right.

I think Mitt Romney is an excellent start. I think his moderation and his ability to work across the isle is a fantastic asset. I couldn’t care less about abortions, gays, or guns this election. His previous record on that doesn’t mean jack to me. All I care about is the right man, in the right position, who can bring people together.

Newt Gingrich didn’t bring people together. He just built a majority. Perry has never faced true Democratic opposition in his life. Santorum is just another big spender hiding under the guise of the Republican banner because of his social issue stances. Ron Paul is a good man with a poor understanding of how his policies would never be enacted by Congress.

Right now we need someone who knows how to get Democrats on his side. Who knows how to make good with those he disagrees with. I couldn’t care less about RINOs, being staunchly to the right or anything like that. I want to save America. Romney has a history of making hard decisions and doing what it takes, at any cost, to get his job done. He did it in business, he did it in the Olympics, and he did it has Governor. Now I want him to do it as President.

But we need the Senate and we need to keep the House, too.

It’s time to take America back.

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Death & Taxes

An important issue facing our country is the idea of the Flat or Fair Tax.

Let’s be clear. Fair is a very subjective term. Fair for who?

The idea is that a flat tax across all tax brackets is fair. But let’s look at this for a moment.

The rich love the idea that they pay the same taxes as the middle class or low income because to make it something the low income and middle class can bear it has to be kept relatively low. Right now the rich are taxed considerably more than most people are, but that bears looking into as well. 2/3rds of millionaires are self employed. That means they can write off all kinds of expenses and reduce their taxes substantially. But given their enormous income, they still pay significantly more of the total tax revenue than the average American household. Several times more in fact.

So let’s look at this…

The Fair Tax or Flat Tax suggests that by widening the amount of people paying taxes it makes up for the huge amounts that the wealthy pay.

So what’s fair? The people who control the majority of the wealth in America to pay the majority of the taxes?

Or for the taxes to be spread out evenly among the people and hope it generates the same amount of revenue?

The rich favor everyone being taxed because they pay less. The middle class and low income favor the rich bearing more of the burden because money being drawn from them hurts their ability survive to a much greater degree than it does the rich. Doesn’t really seem fair either way does it? Either way someone’s getting the short end of the stick.

There are those who say “I want to pay my fair share.” I would suggest you write a check to the IRS and donate the extra that you want to contribute rather than support a “Fair” or “Flat” tax. Because no matter how you cut it, a flat tax isn’t fair and a fair tax is subjective on perspective. In essence, a Fair tax just doesn’t exist.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of whichever group you aren’t currently in, and see if what’s “Fair” changes.

Why Romneycare is a Red Herring.

One of Mitt Romney’s challenges in this election is the false idea that Romneycare is something that needs to be explained.

I can’t say this strongly enough: Romneycare is a red herring issue. 


Several points:

1.) It’s a MA law. It always has been. While Mitt has said it could be a model for the nation, he never said we should do it on a national scale.

2.) Video citing Mitt saying that he’s for Obama making Obamacare and for spreading it into the nation are inevitably taken out of context and not accurate.

3.) Changing his book did NOT change the meaning of what he was saying, in the context he was saying it. It was clarifying and simplifying his position that it could be used nation wide, but that it’s up to the states individually to see if they wanted to use it. Two news outlets (One conservative, one liberal both say that Perry is misleading the public on the issue.)

See: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/perrys-phony-attack-ad-on-changes-to-romneys-book/2011/09/26/gIQAR4JA0K_blog.html


4.) Romney actually vetoed fees on businesses affected by Romneycare that the Democratic Legislature then overrode him on.

See: http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/east/2006/04/26/67613.htm)

5.) He has said repeatedly that he would offer vouchers to allow all states to opt out of Obamacare from day one. This is an important issue. He’s offering a way around Congress to get instant relief to states who don’t want it. Then he’ll go to work repealing it. Anyone who thinks that repealing Obamacare, unless Republicans control the House and Senate, will be easy, is kidding themselves. Romney offers the best way to get Americans relief instantly. Think about that. No other candidate is offering such a quick route to relief than Romney.

6.) Romneycare has not blown a hole in MA’s budget. It is inline with the predictions that MA’s budget committee expected.

See: http://www.factcheck.org/2011/03/romneycare-facts-and-falsehoods/

7.) Romneycare is favored three to one as favored in MA. That’s that state’s choice. The job of government is to give the democratic majority what they want. MA got it. Sounds to me like Mitt delivered. PolitiFact ranked Romney’s statement of 3 to 1 as true, and that he has strong support for the claim.

See: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/oct/18/mitt-romney/mitt-romney-says-massachusetts-residents-favor-sta/

There are many, many more reasons to vote for Mitt. I’m not going to bash the other candidates (right now, anyway) but Romneycare should be a non issue. He doesn’t want it on a national level. He gave the people of MA what they wanted, and as a governor, that’s his job. He is not pushing it on the nation, it’s a non issue in this election. Anyone trying to make Romneycare an issue is more interested in hurting Romney and starting a fight then they are in finding a qualified candidate.

Romney gave the people of MA what they wanted. Don’t you wish Washington was doing that for you?

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Why Not To Vote For Herman Cain

Let me say this as clearly as possible: Voting for Herman Cain is horrible for America.

Let me explain.

Herman Cain proposes (after his latest amendments) that there be:

1.) 9% Federal Sales Tax

2.) 9% Federal Income Tax (With cuts for the poor)

3.) 9% Value Added Tax or (VAT).

I’m only going to talk about the first two, because that’s what’s relevant to most people reading this.

Let’s start with the 9% Federal Sales tax.

What do you pay for sales tax in your state? Here in Texas it’s 8%.

States impose sales taxes so they can generate revenue to fund the state’s budget. Herman Cain’s plan doesn’t touch this.

So now, he wants a 9% Federal Sales Tax. A 9% sales tax is extremely high to begin with, but then, keep in mind this is on top of your preexisting state sales tax.

In Texas, that would mean an effective 17% sales tax. (8% + 9%)

So for example:

Say you wanted to buy a cheese pizza for $10.00. That’s .80 cents for your state sales tax. Then add another .90 cents for your national sales tax. Your 10.00 pizza is now $11.70.

You say, $1.70, so what? Let’s try it on a 20,000 dollar car. That’s $1600 more dollars for the state, then $1800 more for the federal sales tax. That’s another $3400 dollars!

If that doesn’t convince you, look at your federal tax refund that you got this year. Under Cain’s plan, there are no refunds. So if you got one, your taxes are effectively 0%. If you didn’t get a refund, take how much you paid out of your income (as a percentage) and it’s probably less than 9% of your gross income.

The rich currently pay much more than 9%. People who make 200,000 or more will see an effective cut in taxes while the middle class and low income will see a 9% increase.

Now, Cain said today that he would not throw the poor under the bus.

His taxes would increase the number of homes that are below the poverty line. So he’s making a safety net for the poor, giving cuts for the rich, and adding a 9% increase on the middle class.

Less than 20% of America’s population is self employed, but the self-employed make up 2/3rds of the millionaires in this country. That means the millionaires and business owners will pay less taxes. The idea is that this stimulates growth and creates jobs. But let me ask you something:

Do you think increasing taxes on sold products such as gas, phones, groceries, school supplies, clothes, and toiletries by 9% will increase  consumer spending? Probably not, the more you buy, the more money get’s taken from you.

Do you think putting more money in the pockets of the rich is guaranteed to solve our issues? Probably not.

You can not  vote for Herman Cain and come out ahead. It’s a win-win for the rich, and a lose-lose for the middle class.

I support Romney, but this plan is so dangerous to Americans I’d rather you vote for anyone else. It’s a dangerous and awful idea. Please don’t vote Herman Cain.

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Why The Concept of Republican In Name Only (RINO) Is Elitist.

Dear Republicans,

It’s time we got off our high horse and started living what we preach. We believe in equal opportunity. We believe that all men were created equally. That they are endowed by their creator with certain rights. The first of three of these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Let’s talk about liberty.

Those who subscribe to the attitude of calling individuals who weren’t always Republican RINO’s do so contrary to so many of the issues that plague us today. It’s an attitude that subscribes to the perspective of, “We’re better than them.” “We’re real Republican’s.” “We’re more pure.” This type of a view is toxic and utterly against the concept of America. The purpose of America is to come together to find solutions that work for everyone, not just us. The attitude that someone is not like us so we’re going to turn a blind eye to their strengths and emphasize their weakness is divisive to the Republican party. It segregates the party further, as if the Tea Party hadn’t done it enough already.

The Republican party has been split into (at least) three distinct groups. First, are the traditional Republicans who hail back to the GOP in the days of Reagan and George Bush the Elder. Second, are the Tea Partiers. Third, are the elitist Republicans who try and lift themselves up and above all the rest. These are the individuals who belief that any change a candidate makes is politics is maneuvering, any change in perspective is flip flopping, and any stance that comes closer to their perspective is like trying to break into the “cool club”. It seems the Republican Party demands a man of perfection, who isn’t adaptable, because he’s already perfect. That’s a problem, because no one has ever been that.

The Democrats have more unity in their party than the Republicans do, and it’s not because they’re more patriotic. It’s because they have held on more dearly to the concept that all men were created equal. Republicans who call others RINOs would be well served to remember this is a nation looking for solutions, not elitist attitudes that stifle conversations, candidates, and even presidency’s with illusions of superiority.

I’ll be honest. I wanted to vote for Obama in 2008. I’ve since become more educated on the issues and I doubt you’ll ever see me vote Democratic, unless the Democrat is just much more qualified and capable than the Republican. We’re looking for competence in government. We’ve had plenty of incompetence. Voting only for those who share our views, regardless of the pressing issues of the day and who is best qualified to handle those immediate issues, is what leads to government corruption. It’s clearly a case of “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.”  We need to be telling government “Handle the issues!”, not “pander to your party to garner votes!” We need to be the dictating force, not the group that gets convinced. We need to find out for ourselves what the issues are, who is best to handle it, then elect that person. The debates are most often used as a way for candidates to slash at each other rather than showing voters what they’re truly like. Watching them on MSNBC is more telling than watching them in a political death trap like Presidential debates. The desperate get crazy and the smart shut their mouths as much as possible unless they can land a punch or get a cheer.

Further, those who decide to move to the Republican party don’t do it for votes. It’s much easier to get Democratic votes. It’s a snake charmer’s sell. “It’s not your fault you lost your job. It’s not your fault you’re broke. It’s not your fault you’re in debt. It’s all the government! Elect me, we’ll take care of you. We’ll get you Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment checks, and government housing. Don’t worry about it! We got you! Vote for me!”

The concept that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are RINOs subscribes to the attitude, we’re better than they are. It says “We care more about satisfying our personal tastes than the problems facing the nation.” It’s stomping all over the freedom the candidates have as citizens and the ability for them to pursue happiness, as protected by the writing of our founding fathers. Goodness knows that candidate field isn’t always ideal, but there’s more to choosing a president than satisfying bias, elitism, and pride.

We should have more pride in our country, not our party. More pride in the stellar candidates this country has been able to field. We should focus on strengthening our position as a party. Uniting sooner, rather than later, around a candidate so we can get as many votes as possible to beat Obama and get our country on the right track again. But one thing is for sure, worrying about who’s a “real” member of your party and who’s honestly trying to help America with their time, talent, and skills are two entirely different things.

And one is much more noble than the other.

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