Why Chris Christie Should Be Romney’s VP Pick (IMO)

by: Ben Sailors

e-mail: politicallyoffcenter@gmail.com

Some fellow tweeters and I got into a debate about who should be Romney’s vice president. I’ll limit my comments to what I consider the two front runners: Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. Each of them have their strengths and each their weaknesses, but more importantly, the question is what compliments do each of them bring to the table as vice presidential candidates?

Marco Rubio is a young up and comer. He’s passionate, smart, able to communicate effectively and inspires many Republicans to join the fight for freedom on the Republican side. He’s also Cuban-American which people would argue would bring more Latino votes to the ticket. While this is true, I don’t think it would accomplish the desired effect as powerfully as needed. I also think Marco Rubio has very few qualifications that would incline one to believe that he would be a good President should Mitt Romney die or be unable to fulfill his duties as President. He is a Senator, but he’s got very little experience and is rather weak when looked at critically for his executive experience, life experiences, and leadership qualities. Once elected, Senator Rubio does very little to compliment Romney.

That brings me to Chris Christie. Let’s be honest, (and when talking about Chris Christie, there’s no other way), Governor Christie says things how they are. Anyone remember him telling Warren Buffet to shut up and cut a check if he wants to pay more in taxes? Christie adds bluntness, straight talk, and brutal honesty to the political discourse.  Contrast that with Romney. Where Romney is humble to the point of shyness, Christie will give you the real deal. Where Romney is nuanced, Christie is blunt.  Christie adds a certain believability and clarity to Romney. He’s almost like Romney’s translator. Where Romney is kind, gentlemanly, and poised, Christie is abrasive, contentious, and forward. They play off each other well and I believe Americans will savor that clarity, especially when paired with Romney’s personal achievements. Beyond that, Christie is a capable Governor. Christie has experience leading a state where Marco Rubio does not. This isn’t to say that Marco Rubio is a bad choice, he’s a great choice. He’s just the wrong choice.

I’ve met many people who have told me that they would vote for Romney if Christie was on the ticket. They love his forward language, his bluntness and his attitude. Christie would be an excellent addition to the ticket and allows Romney to keep being Romney, and Christie to keep firing off the shots that Romney doesn’t really want to say. It’s a true dynamic duo that I believe will be Governor Romney’s selection. Two governors is an excellent ticket to be voting on, especially vs. Obama and Biden.


One thought on “Why Chris Christie Should Be Romney’s VP Pick (IMO)

  1. I’m sorry to disagree with you, but Chris Christie is too much of a bully. The Presient has to deal with situations that could become contentious with leaders of other countries. It is nice that he speaks his mind, but what often is on his mind isn’t very kind. He is too young for the office, and the VP must always be POTUS ready.

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