Santorum’s Social Issue

Santorum’s Social Issue.


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Rick Santorum is a good man. He’s an upstanding guy with a great family who very much loves his family. Beyond that, there isn’t much to say in defense of the man. Rick Santorum has a huge issue looming over his head and it just happens to be, or at least seems to be, his favorite subject: social issues.

Rick Santorum holds dearly to the conservative right values that most Republicans value. In fact he may even take it to an extreme even for most Republicans, not believing in using birth control. The real issue here isn’t that Rick Santorum is pro-life or against gay marriage. The bigger issue is how vocal and confrontational he is about it. America is growing increasingly more liberal, to the point where the nation is in a virtual split regarding gay marriage. Rick’s boisterous, holier than thou, attitude, when it comes to the general election, simply won’t fly.

Rick has built his campaign around being the “most conservative” and in terms of social issues, he very well may be. The trouble with that platform is that he’s got nothing of substance to fall back on after he loses to President Obama on those grounds. Obama will carry the social issues war. Liberalism and even the right will shy away from Rick’s inflammatory defense of those virtues, regardless of how much they agree with them, because it leads to conflict in their own social circle to defend someone with such a staunch agenda.

If you want proof of this, I’d point you to the last Senate race he was in that he lost to a Democrat by 18%. Rick Santorum was a House Representative from 1991-1995, then a Senator from 1995-2007, when he lost his seat to Bob Casey Jr., who also opposed abortion. This negated one of Santorum’s strongest selling points. It’s still once of his strongest selling points, but in the general election, with American divided on the issue, it’s unlikely to be an advantage for Rick. It’ll become his greatest weakness. Rick’s strength is his downfall. Where it appeals to Republicans and causes them to cheer “Yes! Yes!” when he talks about the sanctity of life, liberals and Obama will vilify him as against women’s health, women’s choice, liberty, etc. Obama will hang the issue around his neck like an albatross and let it sink him. Santorum has no other strong stance to fall back on.

He was a lawyer for four years, lobbying for the World Wrestling Federation to be allowed to use steroids. He’s been a House Representative or Senator from 1991-2007, or about 16 years. He’s got no private sector experience, no executive experience, and his record in the House and Senate is nothing to brag about. He supported a number of initiatives and bills that increased government spending, raised the credit limit, and supported earmarks.

With no significant achievements to fall back on, Rick Santorum’s social issues will leave the American people with no argument, without defense, and without reason for the American voter to support the former Senator of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Another excellent post.

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