A Moderate Proposal: A Plea With America

I’ve been frustrated for some time about what I’m going to rant about, but I think it’s critical to getting America working.

When the Constitution was being drafted it was closer to twelve angry men trapped in a room that it was to how it is now. People were forced to work out a compromise or the states would walk away. They had to make it work. Observing Congress over the course of my lifetime has led me to believe that unless one party has a majority there will very rarely be something significant done in Congress unless it’s a matter of survival (much like creating the Constitution was.) This is a problem. Congress needs to get back to sitting in a room and hashing out a solution more than they need to focus on pointing fingers at who’s wrong.

Here’s the first half of the crux of my argument:

No one party is right all the time.

The second half is like unto it:

Electing uncompromising officials on either the right or the left, leaves Congress in a position of weakness and not one of compromise.

There is no glory in being right in an argument. I’ve often let myself get sucked into arguments with people and even think I’ve “won” the argument, but I’ve lost the attention and most likely the respect of the person with whom I was speaking. It’s not the right way to go about finding solutions in the world.

My father often spoke of synergy. Synergy is take 1 + 1 and getting 3. Compromise is just 1 – ½ + 1-1/2 = 1. It’s not negative, but it’s hardly moving forward at all. Synergy is taking the best of each persons arguments and making it work. That’s why we have the House and the Senate. They represent population and each state equally. They found something that gave everyone what they wanted. That could be phrased as a compromise but really it was a synergistic solution that gave everyone what they wanted.

Being a moderate isn’t something to be ashamed of. Some like to say it’s like the lukewarm water that God wants to spew from his mouth, but that’s not what moderate is about at all. If anything, liberals are the type of people who say “anything goes”, which is pretty lukewarm. Moderates are about compromise, solutions, and most of all synergy. It’s about saying “Hey Republicans, you have a great idea! The Democrats have something similar to that. Let’s hash out something that gets us both what we want and we can come out with something that truly represents what Congress and America is supposed to be about!”

It’s about coming together, not dividing ourselves. It’s about real solutions—real results.

Romney is a moderate, that’s a good part of why I support him. I think for MA, his healthcare bill was ideal for them. They have the 3rd highest income per capita and over 90% of the population already had insurance. It worked for them. (You could argue it’s not any more, but Democrats have adjusted “Romneycare” from the original document more than they’ve preserved it. They’ve certainly added cost.)

The point is this. Romney worked with both sides on that bill and it passed the Legislature with 99% approval. There were only two dissenting votes. Sure, he raised fees in the state. But let’s look at the facts. The state was in a budget crunch. You can’t keep cutting spending and hope to pay for everything. At some point, something’s got to give. Romney didn’t raise taxes, but he did increase one time fees in a number of areas. One time fees are not as brutal on a person as losing an increased amount of money in each paycheck. Romney found a way that got the revenue he needed to balance the state budget, build a $2 billion rainy day fund, and get Massachusetts back on sound financial footing.

Look at the Democrat who came after him. He rolled back many of Romney’s changes, added expensive changes to Romneycare, and burned through Romney’s entire $2 billion dollar rainy day fund.

Romney is a moderate. He knows how to communicate with both sides. His successor didn’t, and the state is paying dearly for it now. The new governor had lower approval ratings than Romney did in a democratic state.

Moderation works. There’s the popular saying “Moderation in all things.”

Apparently people think it’s not a good approach in politics. I would plea with America to think through this more. Moderation is the beginning of solutions. Moderation is what’s used to bring two sides together. Moderation levels the peaks and valleys. Moderation is Romney. Romney is a calm to the storm.

Moderation is the answer. Not big, bold changes.

As Einstein said once: “Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction.”

Let Romney’s genius work. It has before. In business, the Olympics and in Massachusetts.

Let it work.
Let Romney’s genius work. It has before. In business, the Olympics and in Massachusetts.

Let it work.


One thought on “A Moderate Proposal: A Plea With America

  1. Enjoyed and agreed with your post.

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