Why I Chose Romney Over Gingrich

I want to be honest with people.

I want them to understand why I won’t support Gingrich.

Candidates ask, are you better off than you were four years ago?

Actually yes, I am.

I met a wonderful woman, I started going back to school, assisted by Pell grants and state grants. I firmly believe that educational grants are an excellent starting place for many who think that their fates are determined in America. I think too many people don’t realize that there is a government grant to help kids get a college degree. They should pursue them vigorously. Obama actually increased the amount for Pell grants, for which I’m grateful. So am I better off under Obama than before? Yes.

That said, I believe in the free markets. I believe in free enterprise. I believe that there is a critical balance between Republican thought and Democrat thought. There IS a happy balance. The nation was founded on compromise and synergistic solutions. It was founded on people of radically different views coming together to try and form a system that worked. I think America has gone too far to both extremes and it’s led to a deterioration of compromise, synergy and even just communication within the government.

I don’t want a radical Leftist in power. I also don’t want a “true” conservative. I like moderation. I like someone who realizes that both sides have valid points and both sides need to be heard. I believe Mitt Romney can do that. I believe that Mitt Romney has shown in MA, that no only can he work with a Democratic legislature, he can work well with them. I think Mitt would be a far better solution to our situation than Gingrich.

Mr. Gingrich ,(he’s not Speaker anymore), was thrown out after 20 years in Congress by his peers. It wasn’t his radical thought, it wasn’t his ideas. He was thrown out because he was pompous, arrogant, detrimental to the party and not fulfilling his responsibilities. Gingrich’s job was to be a mouthpiece, not the President of the House of Representatives. It sounds like a Colbert line, I know, but I think Mr. Gingrich’s ego was enormously inflated and hurt the Republican party. I won’t bash his record in Congress. He did get many things done, but we’re talking about the President of the United States and I don’t think that he’s very well suited for it.

Mr. Romney on the other hand has executive experience in several roles. He’s led several private entities that aren’t specifically his, like Gingrich’s media companies. He’s helped grow companies from the ground up numerous times. He’s done this very effectively and honestly. He’s lived within his means, he raised a family in this environment, and now he has 5 sons, 16 grandkids, and a large 250 million dollar fortune to show for it. But that’s not where Mr. Romney’s impressive record stops.

He was asked to save the Olympics. The Olympics were scandal ridden. Money was being given away and the Games were almost broke. Mitt Romney went in to the Olympics, right after 9 11 and turned it into a huge success not just for the US, which saved us a great deal of embarrassment, but for the world as well. The Olympics came away 100 million richer thanks to Mitt Romney. He was so impressive in the Games that two states wanted him to be their governor: UT and MA.

And so Mitt Romney became MA’s governor. While governor, he turned a 600 million dollar shortfall in the MA budget into a 2 billion dollar rainy day fund in 4 years. He also balanced the budget all four of those years. I think our government greatly needs to balance our budget. I think Mr. Romney is the person to do it. He’s done it in business, the Olympics, and a state government. Why not the Federal Government?

Most of all why I vote for Mitt Romney is this: I’ve watched candidates. I’ve looked at their values, their records, their behavior and their lives. Never have I had such a great amount of respect for a candidate. Usually I’m picking between two evils. In the case of Mitt Romney, I feel that we’d be privileged to have him as our President. I often think of the level of sacrifice he would have to give to be our President. To give up many liberties that he knows as a multi-millionaire with a fantastic family and grandkids. He would have to step away for all that for 4 years. I often wonder if he’d be better off not running, for his sake. But Mitt Romney isn’t about his sake. He’s about Americans’. He wants to serve. He wants to help this nation. And it’s not about personal taxes, gaffes, etc. It’s about what’s best for America.

That’s why I support Mitt Romney. I hope you will too.


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