O Captain, My Captain – What Romney I’m Looking For

I’ve been a strong Romney supporter since 2008. I think he’s a wonderful man, has a great family, has a great set of morals and ambitions and really shows America how to be American.


I have to say this: Romney MUST  up his game in this debate tonight. If he doesn’t it’s all over for South Carolina.

On Monday night’s debate, Romney did what he always does, survives. The trouble is Gingrich was phenomenal. I don’t like Gingrich, I’m not going to go on about what a piece of trash he is. I already talked about that in my last post. But let’s get one thing clear: Gingrich is a better debater than Romney thus far. If Romney wants to win this nomination, he has to up his game.

I recently watched a video of Romney with fire in his eyes, passion in his voice when debating Kennedy for the Senator position in MA. He was passionate, he was angry, he wanted change. He has to get that fire back. He has to show the people of South Carolina what this election is about: The direction and soul of America, and that deserves more than the mediocre and uninspiring performance he gave on Monday night. Every candidate was more fired up than he was. Every candidate overshadowed him with audience reaction and connection between the candidate and the audience. Gingrich excelled at that in a big way. Romney must land a hit or effectively brush Gingrich to the side and take command of the debate. He has to project the strong leader that America wants. Right now Romney looks like he would be a president who would sit back and let the other countries duke it out until he was asked a question then recite talking points.

I know Romney’s better than that. He’s MORE than that. He deserves to get a little unhinged at the ridiculousness of Newt Gingrich. He needs fire in his eyes, in his words, and in his body language. SHOW us you want to be our leader. Don’t beg for us to come to you, MAKE us come to you. Don’t talk to us, INSPIRE us! Make us know you are our Captain and we will follow you into the depths of hell to get Obama out of office. But if Romney fails to do that, we go to FL with huge momentum for Newt and it’s just going to get harder.

Show us you’re ready to lead Mitt. I’m waiting for you, O Captain, my Captain.

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