Gingrich’s War on Romney


I want to get something out loud and clear:

Gingrich has declared and is in active war with Romney.

Let’s get another thing clear though. Any glove that Gingrich has landed is on a non issue or a petty issue.

For example:

  • Tax Returns. Who cares what Mr. Romney makes? He’s operating legally under the law. If you don’t like it, get rich, or change the law. I advise getting rich.
  • Bain Capital – Biggest backlash and backfire ever. Gingrich looks like a fool for attacking the fundamental driving force of what made America great.
  • Promising a positive campaign, then going back on it. Twice.

Let’s give more examples of how Gingrich has failed:

  • Sat down with Nancy Pelosi on global warming.
  • Says he “worked with Reagan.” He was in Congress, but he never worked directly with Reagan. He’s lying.
  • Takes credit for balancing the budget while Clinton was in office. Clinton is actually the one who proposed the balanced budget.
  • Has cheated on two of his wives. First lady Callista, the adultress?
  • Was fined 300,000 dollars for ethics violations by Congress.
  • Forced out of the Speakership.
  • Took 1.6 million for consulting for Freddy Mac.

The list goes on and on. Romney doesn’t go attacking his opponents across the media and in debates. Gingrich wages all out war.

Some may perceive that war to be a strength, but let me ask you, do you really think that people would get behind Gingrich? They might like his rhetoric, but he’s a walking bomb ready to go off at any time. He’s lost his moral compass. He cheats on his wives, he gets fined for ethics violations, he received 1.6 million for being a consultant at Freddy Mac. Tell me how that worked out. Was that advice good? Freddy should be suing for bad advice.

Sure, Gingrich is eloquent. Sure Romney has a lot of money. But let’s look at that closer.

Romney says he didn’t get very much for his speaking and apperances. It was around $350,000 dollars. Now let’s ask the real questions.

Was money used for the campaign or pocketed? If it was campaign money, it’s not very much. He raises $1.5 million in a day during fundraisers. My guess is that it went to his campaign, not his pocket. But because it was in the context of his tax returns, lets assume it’s pocketed. Again, who cares? Part of it get’s taxed and that helps the American people. Even at 15%, that’s over $35,000 dollars going to other people. That’s more than some people make in a year. Why are we begrudging Romney of his contributions to society? Why are we making him out to be the bad guy when he’s donated the proceeds of his book to charity? Why are we saying “Shame on you!” for him living the American Dream? If it were a regular American making the money, I would surmise most people would pocket it just fine. To Governor Romney, 300k isn’t a lot because he’s worked hard to accumulate wealth. He’s done more, taken more risks, than most people and he’s been rewarded for it. It’s not his job to go out and work for you. It’s YOUR job to go out and make a living.

If you think Mitt Romney is disconnected, my guess is you might as well become a liberal, because you have no shame asking for handouts. You think the rich owe you a living. I feel sorry for you. The level of hopelessness and weakness you must feel in your life must be tragic. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your destiny is in your hands. You’re the captain of your life. Just like Romney was the captain of his. Keep this in mind. Romney wants to serve this country as president. Do you think he would be broken hearted to go home to his beautiful wife, kids, and grandkids with all the money he could want? He’s going to Washington to help America. Not appeal to their over inflated self righteousness or ego.

What are Santorum’s motivations to be president? Gingrich’s?

In the case of Santorum, I think it’s to make himself feel important. Same with Gingrich. I think Gingrich needs to validate himself to feel good about himself. He’s been in such denial that it’s pretty obvious.

But Romney is running because he’s lived the American Dream. He wants to help America. He wants to promote business, growth, opportunity, and to make us the hope of the earth. This IS a battle for the soul of America. Gingrich and Romney couldn’t be more different. I would argue Gingrich’s motivations are not to help America. He never talks about helping America. He accuses, complains, attacks, puffs himself up, but I don’t believe for a second that he’s trying to make America better. He’s trying to gain power, soak it all in, retire, and bask in his glory and write memoirs. He doesn’t care about America and what we need. Romney does.

Romney lived in a $75 dollar basement apartment with his wife and first son while attending BYU. He knows what it’s like to have next to nothing. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t know that. Romney was a bishop and a stake president for the LDS church. If you knew the sacrifices and level of service that took, you’d understand Romney’s desire to serve America better. He’s a good man trying to make positive change in this world.

I’m voting Romney. I won’t support Gingrich. I think Obama is a better man. I think Obama cares what happens to America. Gingrich is slime. All he cares about is self gratification, self indulgence, and self pride.

Want proof?

Ask his wives.

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3 thoughts on “Gingrich’s War on Romney

  1. Lynn says:

    I wonder if people realize Newt is “good at the rhetoric” because hes been doing it ALL HIS LIFE!! He is big government and what everyone claims they are SICK of!! He’s a fat-cat Washington insider who spent most of his life at the tax-paid cafeteria! he is Obama, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi in one big RINO! Uggh…people are so fickle!!

  2. DRW1960 says:

    Even in the ‘Huck Forum’ Newt talked about how, “When I was in the government we created jobs”

    EXCUSE me?? That’s EXACTLY what we are UP AGAINST WITH OBAMA!! Government DOES NOT create JOBS!

    But, Newt is big govt, so what do we expect??

  3. Henry says:

    Wow — thats the best analysis of why we should not vote for Newt! He is a hypocrite who has no morals! Thanks for the and rational outline!

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