It’s Time To Take America Back

Take a good look at our budget.

What I find truly disturbing about this coming election is not who the Republican nominee is going to be. My gut, the polls, trends, and likely scenarios point to Mitt Romney, but whoever the president is matters very little when the voice of the people are calling for the government to save them from the aftermath of the 2008-2009 recession.

We are turning into a welfare state. We spend as much on pensions as we do on defense. We spend more than each of those individually on health care. As Republicans we decry spending money on the Department of Education, but it’s only 3% of our federal budget! See

Education is one of the sources of jobs in this country and we aren’t going to get out of our economic and political downturns if our rising generation is not getting the appropriate education that they need to compete on a global scale.

I don’t think that Republicans need to be worried about which Republican candidate is the nominee as much as we need to be focusing on getting the right people into Congress. It’s important to note that Democrats can have Republican ideals on certain issues. When we insist on a Senator or a House representative that is staunchly left or right, and completely uncompromsing, what do you suppose the outcome will be?


By holding on to our values and positions so staunchly that we lose sight of the ability to compromise, we lose sight of the very thing that allowed the Founding Fathers their ability to negotiate, to compromise, and to ultimately draft the documents like the Constitution that we hold so sacred and dear in this country.

Our Federal debt is out of control, some of our public schools can’t even stay in session for a full school day, they have to let the teachers out at 1:30, regulatory burdens and high taxes push companies away from our shores.

Our government’s job is to look out for the ultimate welfare of our nation as a whole. It’s not to coddle us every step of the way. Education is the one place where I make an exception, because without it, millions of our citizens would be illiterate, unable to find good employment, would drive the crime rate up, and would lower our competitiveness in the world.

It’s simply not enough to put Mitt Romney in the presidency and expect all to be well. We must put the right men in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. We have to make sure that we put in the people who will give our country the fighting chance that it deserves rather than keep hoping that someday people in Washington will get it right.

The Founding Fathers gave the decisions of who to put into office into the hands of the public. It’s the public’s job to be informed, to know what solution they want, and to vote the people into office to get it done and get it done right.

I think Mitt Romney is an excellent start. I think his moderation and his ability to work across the isle is a fantastic asset. I couldn’t care less about abortions, gays, or guns this election. His previous record on that doesn’t mean jack to me. All I care about is the right man, in the right position, who can bring people together.

Newt Gingrich didn’t bring people together. He just built a majority. Perry has never faced true Democratic opposition in his life. Santorum is just another big spender hiding under the guise of the Republican banner because of his social issue stances. Ron Paul is a good man with a poor understanding of how his policies would never be enacted by Congress.

Right now we need someone who knows how to get Democrats on his side. Who knows how to make good with those he disagrees with. I couldn’t care less about RINOs, being staunchly to the right or anything like that. I want to save America. Romney has a history of making hard decisions and doing what it takes, at any cost, to get his job done. He did it in business, he did it in the Olympics, and he did it has Governor. Now I want him to do it as President.

But we need the Senate and we need to keep the House, too.

It’s time to take America back.

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