Death & Taxes

An important issue facing our country is the idea of the Flat or Fair Tax.

Let’s be clear. Fair is a very subjective term. Fair for who?

The idea is that a flat tax across all tax brackets is fair. But let’s look at this for a moment.

The rich love the idea that they pay the same taxes as the middle class or low income because to make it something the low income and middle class can bear it has to be kept relatively low. Right now the rich are taxed considerably more than most people are, but that bears looking into as well. 2/3rds of millionaires are self employed. That means they can write off all kinds of expenses and reduce their taxes substantially. But given their enormous income, they still pay significantly more of the total tax revenue than the average American household. Several times more in fact.

So let’s look at this…

The Fair Tax or Flat Tax suggests that by widening the amount of people paying taxes it makes up for the huge amounts that the wealthy pay.

So what’s fair? The people who control the majority of the wealth in America to pay the majority of the taxes?

Or for the taxes to be spread out evenly among the people and hope it generates the same amount of revenue?

The rich favor everyone being taxed because they pay less. The middle class and low income favor the rich bearing more of the burden because money being drawn from them hurts their ability survive to a much greater degree than it does the rich. Doesn’t really seem fair either way does it? Either way someone’s getting the short end of the stick.

There are those who say “I want to pay my fair share.” I would suggest you write a check to the IRS and donate the extra that you want to contribute rather than support a “Fair” or “Flat” tax. Because no matter how you cut it, a flat tax isn’t fair and a fair tax is subjective on perspective. In essence, a Fair tax just doesn’t exist.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of whichever group you aren’t currently in, and see if what’s “Fair” changes.


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