Why Romneycare is a Red Herring.

One of Mitt Romney’s challenges in this election is the false idea that Romneycare is something that needs to be explained.

I can’t say this strongly enough: Romneycare is a red herring issue. 


Several points:

1.) It’s a MA law. It always has been. While Mitt has said it could be a model for the nation, he never said we should do it on a national scale.

2.) Video citing Mitt saying that he’s for Obama making Obamacare and for spreading it into the nation are inevitably taken out of context and not accurate.

3.) Changing his book did NOT change the meaning of what he was saying, in the context he was saying it. It was clarifying and simplifying his position that it could be used nation wide, but that it’s up to the states individually to see if they wanted to use it. Two news outlets (One conservative, one liberal both say that Perry is misleading the public on the issue.)

See: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/perrys-phony-attack-ad-on-changes-to-romneys-book/2011/09/26/gIQAR4JA0K_blog.html


4.) Romney actually vetoed fees on businesses affected by Romneycare that the Democratic Legislature then overrode him on.

See: http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/east/2006/04/26/67613.htm)

5.) He has said repeatedly that he would offer vouchers to allow all states to opt out of Obamacare from day one. This is an important issue. He’s offering a way around Congress to get instant relief to states who don’t want it. Then he’ll go to work repealing it. Anyone who thinks that repealing Obamacare, unless Republicans control the House and Senate, will be easy, is kidding themselves. Romney offers the best way to get Americans relief instantly. Think about that. No other candidate is offering such a quick route to relief than Romney.

6.) Romneycare has not blown a hole in MA’s budget. It is inline with the predictions that MA’s budget committee expected.

See: http://www.factcheck.org/2011/03/romneycare-facts-and-falsehoods/

7.) Romneycare is favored three to one as favored in MA. That’s that state’s choice. The job of government is to give the democratic majority what they want. MA got it. Sounds to me like Mitt delivered. PolitiFact ranked Romney’s statement of 3 to 1 as true, and that he has strong support for the claim.

See: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/oct/18/mitt-romney/mitt-romney-says-massachusetts-residents-favor-sta/

There are many, many more reasons to vote for Mitt. I’m not going to bash the other candidates (right now, anyway) but Romneycare should be a non issue. He doesn’t want it on a national level. He gave the people of MA what they wanted, and as a governor, that’s his job. He is not pushing it on the nation, it’s a non issue in this election. Anyone trying to make Romneycare an issue is more interested in hurting Romney and starting a fight then they are in finding a qualified candidate.

Romney gave the people of MA what they wanted. Don’t you wish Washington was doing that for you?

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