Why The Concept of Republican In Name Only (RINO) Is Elitist.

Dear Republicans,

It’s time we got off our high horse and started living what we preach. We believe in equal opportunity. We believe that all men were created equally. That they are endowed by their creator with certain rights. The first of three of these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Let’s talk about liberty.

Those who subscribe to the attitude of calling individuals who weren’t always Republican RINO’s do so contrary to so many of the issues that plague us today. It’s an attitude that subscribes to the perspective of, “We’re better than them.” “We’re real Republican’s.” “We’re more pure.” This type of a view is toxic and utterly against the concept of America. The purpose of America is to come together to find solutions that work for everyone, not just us. The attitude that someone is not like us so we’re going to turn a blind eye to their strengths and emphasize their weakness is divisive to the Republican party. It segregates the party further, as if the Tea Party hadn’t done it enough already.

The Republican party has been split into (at least) three distinct groups. First, are the traditional Republicans who hail back to the GOP in the days of Reagan and George Bush the Elder. Second, are the Tea Partiers. Third, are the elitist Republicans who try and lift themselves up and above all the rest. These are the individuals who belief that any change a candidate makes is politics is maneuvering, any change in perspective is flip flopping, and any stance that comes closer to their perspective is like trying to break into the “cool club”. It seems the Republican Party demands a man of perfection, who isn’t adaptable, because he’s already perfect. That’s a problem, because no one has ever been that.

The Democrats have more unity in their party than the Republicans do, and it’s not because they’re more patriotic. It’s because they have held on more dearly to the concept that all men were created equal. Republicans who call others RINOs would be well served to remember this is a nation looking for solutions, not elitist attitudes that stifle conversations, candidates, and even presidency’s with illusions of superiority.

I’ll be honest. I wanted to vote for Obama in 2008. I’ve since become more educated on the issues and I doubt you’ll ever see me vote Democratic, unless the Democrat is just much more qualified and capable than the Republican. We’re looking for competence in government. We’ve had plenty of incompetence. Voting only for those who share our views, regardless of the pressing issues of the day and who is best qualified to handle those immediate issues, is what leads to government corruption. It’s clearly a case of “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.”  We need to be telling government “Handle the issues!”, not “pander to your party to garner votes!” We need to be the dictating force, not the group that gets convinced. We need to find out for ourselves what the issues are, who is best to handle it, then elect that person. The debates are most often used as a way for candidates to slash at each other rather than showing voters what they’re truly like. Watching them on MSNBC is more telling than watching them in a political death trap like Presidential debates. The desperate get crazy and the smart shut their mouths as much as possible unless they can land a punch or get a cheer.

Further, those who decide to move to the Republican party don’t do it for votes. It’s much easier to get Democratic votes. It’s a snake charmer’s sell. “It’s not your fault you lost your job. It’s not your fault you’re broke. It’s not your fault you’re in debt. It’s all the government! Elect me, we’ll take care of you. We’ll get you Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment checks, and government housing. Don’t worry about it! We got you! Vote for me!”

The concept that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are RINOs subscribes to the attitude, we’re better than they are. It says “We care more about satisfying our personal tastes than the problems facing the nation.” It’s stomping all over the freedom the candidates have as citizens and the ability for them to pursue happiness, as protected by the writing of our founding fathers. Goodness knows that candidate field isn’t always ideal, but there’s more to choosing a president than satisfying bias, elitism, and pride.

We should have more pride in our country, not our party. More pride in the stellar candidates this country has been able to field. We should focus on strengthening our position as a party. Uniting sooner, rather than later, around a candidate so we can get as many votes as possible to beat Obama and get our country on the right track again. But one thing is for sure, worrying about who’s a “real” member of your party and who’s honestly trying to help America with their time, talent, and skills are two entirely different things.

And one is much more noble than the other.

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