Let’s Be Honest…

Fellow Americans,

Can we be honest with ourselves for a moment? Most of us have never experienced the burden of Romneycare or Obamacare. We have no idea of the personal impact (unless we, or a very close friend or relative lives in MA.) Going after Romney for Romneycare as a threat to our nation in the presidency is bogus. You all know it. Romney will never let Obamacare stand. It’s ridiculous to think so.

Plus, let’s do a quick little side by side comparison:


Successful Business Man

Created Thousands upon Thousands of Jobs

Saved the 2002 Olympics

Took Mass’s budget from -600 million to somewhere between 600 to 700 million surplus in his first year.

Created a 2 billion dollar rainy day fund.

Best suited to combat Obama in the general election as demonstrated by polls over and over again.


Flip Flopper – This is a really silly one on my opinion. He’s consistently moved more and more conservative. He’s never gone more liberal as time went on. He’s grown more Republican, not more Democrat.

Romneycare – Obamacare is real. The dread of the nation is already in place, you think Romney could make it worse? Or even more unrealistic, even let it stand? Please. This is a weak issue. It’s not applicable to the Presidency of the United States. He never wanted it to be a national mandate. In both versions of his book that stands. Perry tried to twist it that he was changing what he said, but it wasn’t a change in meaning or purpose. It was clarification. He wasn’t changing or hiding anything.

49th in Job Creation – Let’s look at the situation when Romney took office. 600 million deficit in the budget, the tech bubble just burst. Jobs were already rushing out of the state. Romney took the state from 5.6% unemployment to 4.7%. Sure, it’s only 0.9%, but he stopped the bleeding, and growth is growth. He also balanced the budget, created a 2 billion dollar rain day fund, closed corporate tax loops and never once raised taxes. Even though these changes drove property taxes up, they were less than the national average. Overall, he did very well and more than most governors can claim.

Passed Gay Marriage – The Mass. Supreme Court mandated that gay marriage be legal. He had to pass civil unions or marriage. He reluctantly backed the marriage one. I don’t know why, but does it really matter? He had to pick one. It wasn’t his call to make. And you don’t lobby the Supreme Court of Mass. You can, but it’s illegal, so let’s not promote it.

Now let’s talk briefly about other candidates.

Rick Perry – I live in Texas. My wife is a teacher here. Thousands of jobs in Texas were lost because Perry made cuts that slashed education in Texas by 4 billion dollars. Class sizes increased, teacher load increased. It’s not a pretty picture here. What’s worse is that Perry had to make these spending cuts to balance the budget when he’s spending 20 million a year on his illegal immigrant in state tuition policy. Sure they may become US Citizens and contributing members of society, but if they move out of Texas, we footed the bill for no gain to us. It’s just spending that goes in one end and out the other. It’s worthless. I won’t even go into how 41% of Perry’s job growth is filled by illegal immigrants and most of the jobs in general are barely above minimum wage. For those who want their real salaries back, he’s not doing much in Texas.

Herman Cain – I like the guy, but I don’t like his 9-9-9 plan. It increases taxes on American by at least 6% for most Americans and 10%+ for even more of them. For states without a sales taxes, guess what, he wants to mandate one. He’s stomping all over state’s rights with his plan. It’s so outrageous that a family generating 30,000 a year will only get about 24,000 and that’s just on federal income taxes. That’s not including state taxes. Or sales tax on the things you buy. He’ll tax Americans blind. I don’t even think Herman Cain is a threat, but people are looking for alternatives and they jump in without looking.

Again Americans, let’s be honest. Sure, Romney isn’t the most excited candidate, but he is the most prepared and the most qualified. He has a proved record at least of turning negative situations to positive ones. I vote for Romney in 2012, and I invite you to do research, think outside the press, and realize he’s our best bet.


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